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Gallery Doorstop

23 October, 2018

Subjects: Nauru, Border Protection, Energy  


JOURNALIST: Will the Government work with Labor to help get people off Nauru and instead into New Zealand?

STEVEN CIOBO: Well, the Government is certainly very keen to make sure that we continue to clean up the mess that Labor left behind. We unfortunately saw billions of dollars wasted. We saw lives lost at sea. We saw children and families that were placed into detention under Labor’s watch. What the Government has been doing, the Liberal National Party, has been cleaning that mess up. The Prime Minister made it clear that we’re happy to work with Labor to try to resolve the mess that they left behind, so I will continue those discussions.

JOURNALIST: What, in terms of, will you perhaps meet in the middle? Is there a way to sort of negotiate around this?

STEVEN CIOBO: Well, the Government is certainly keen to clear up Labor’s mess. We’re happy to have discussions with them to try to resolve this and to work out the best way forward. But look, let’s be frank, the Labor Party brings very little to the table when it comes to border protection. All they left behind was carnage and waste. The Government’s fixing the problem and let’s never forget; those children on Nauru, that are facing these challenges, those children are there because of the Australian Labor Party. So, the Government is fixing this problem and we’re prepared to look at options to make sure that we don’t compromise Australia’s border sovereignty, but we can try to resolve the issue.

JOURNALIST: That’s great. Let’s move onto energy. Is today’s measures really just an attempt to distract from the Wentworth by-election and also, this issue of Nauru?

STEVEN CIOBO: The Government’s absolutely focused on making sure we meet our international commitments when it comes to climate change, but even more importantly, what we’re focused on is making sure we bring down energy prices.

STEVEN CIOBO: The Liberal and National Party have an absolutely commitment to reducing the cost of energy. The Australian Labor Party has a different approach. Their approach is to put an incredibly strong focus on renewables, which we know will push up the price of energy.

JOURNALIST: What do you say to moderates within your party who are pushing for more action on climate change?

STEVEN CIOBO: Well, we are in a position where we will meet our international commitments, where Australia is being a responsible global actor. We can never forget that the Australian people want us to bring down energy prices. We’ve seen massive increases. We’ve seen failed policy in a range of different jurisdictions, including in South Australia. We’ve got an ideologically driven Australian Labor Party that’s only focused on pushing up renewables, and as a consequence, pushing up energy prices.

JOURNALIST: Thank-you.

STEVEN CIOBO: Okay, thank-you.