Cyber Security
to Protect Locals

Cyber Security
to Protect Locals

By working together on the Gold Coast we will build and strengthen a trusted online environment and unlock Australia’s digital potential


 Friday, 22 April 2016

Gold Coast MP Steven Ciobo has welcomed the Prime Minister’s new Cyber Security Strategy, a blueprint for a safe and secure cyber future.

Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy sets out the Turnbull Government’s plan for meeting the dual challenges of the digital age—advancing and protecting the interests of the Gold Coast online.

“There is no infrastructure more important to our future prosperity than an open, free and secure internet. The security threats we face on the Gold Coast are real and they are growing in severity and frequency. Although we make advances in cyber security so do our adversaries,” Mr Ciobo said.

Australians expect the Government to protect them from cyber attacks and defend our country against sophisticated national security threats.

The internet should be dominated by those who use it, not governments, however we cannot allow cyberspace to become a lawless domain. The private sector and government sector both have vital roles to play.

The Strategy complements the key elements of the Turnbull Government’s Economic Plan—helping the transition to a new and more diverse economy which is fuelled by innovation, the opening of new markets and more investment in Australian enterprise.

Cyber security is already providing unique opportunities for innovation and the sector will allow many businesses to grow and prosper on the Gold Coast.

With the Innovation and Science Agenda and the Defence Industry Plan, this Strategy will help bring more Australian technologies to market, prepare our children for the jobs of the future by boosting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) participation and support and create innovative Australian companies.

The Turnbull Government will increase its international cooperation and influence, and foster genuine partnerships between the Australian public and private sectors.

The Cyber Security Strategy will deliver improved cyber security for the nation through 33 new initiatives, supported by over $230 million in Australian Government funding directly resulting in more than 100 new jobs to boost the Government’s cyber security capacity and capabilities.

This investment complements the $400 million over the next decade – and roughly 800 specialist jobs -the Government has committed to improve Defence’s cyber and intelligence capabilities through the 2016 Defence White Paper.

We will do this though:

  • A national cyber partnership between government, researchers and business, including regular meetings to strengthen leadership and tackle emerging issues.
  • Strong cyber defences to better detect, deter and respond to threats and anticipate risks.
  • Global responsibility and influence including working with our international partners through our new Cyber Ambassador and other channels to champion a secure, open and free internet while building regional cyber capacity to crack down on cyber criminals and shut safe havens for cybercrime.
  • Growth and innovation including by helping Australian cyber security businesses to grow and prosper, nurturing our home-grown expertise to generate jobs and growth.
  • A cyber smart nation by creating more Australian cyber security professionals by establishing Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence in universities and fostering skills throughout the education system.

“By working together on the Gold Coast we will build and strengthen a trusted online environment and unlock Australia’s digital potential,” Mr Ciobo said.

“Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy will ensure we all continue to benefit from the vast opportunities of the global online economy.

“The Turnbull Government is serious about protecting Australians against cyber attacks, unlike Labor, who failed to live up to their commitment to update the cyber strategy in 2012-13.”

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